Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool #5 Producing with The Web 2.0 Tools

I have had my students create presentations for several years but they have always done power points or good old fashioned posters.  I am anxious to use Stupeflix Studio and Animoto for their presentations this year.  I was hoping to produce something using Stupefliz Studio today, however my computer keeps timing out before I can get it done.  I will try to come back to it later.

I have to add that as I go through these tools I am anxious to use them in class this coming year, but I hope I will remember what I have learned when the time come to do so.

I have created an ANIMOTO account - I just have to figure out how to get my pictures into a video (to be uploaded later)

Tool #4 Moving Up to the Clouds (Google Docs)

I have not personally used Google Docs, but it is direct line with my intentions this year of reducing the enormous volumes of paper I have used in the past for my second year students.  During the spring semester I started converting my hospital information packets  into digital form.  Using Google Docs will be a wonderful way for my students to access the information and then complete their worksheet and submit them to me electronically.  This will be an excellent way of eliminated the excuse the I "lost their work"

An additional asset to my subject will be able to share documents with the other Health Science teachers in the district since we so seldom are able to work together. 

Tool #3 Finding Online Video and Image resources

I have used YouTube to share medical videos with my students for some time , however, I have never imbedded them somewhere for easy access again so I am excited to know how to do this now.  I have a video I purchased from Discovery videos showing the surgical procedure for removing the gallbladder laparoscopically and have showed them when this topic comes up.  This summer I had my gallbladder removed though a single incision and I have found this procedure on YouTube and will share it wih my students.

While looking at School Tube I found videos that are specific to Health Science!!  I didn't know they even existed.  So this could definitely be another option for me.

I don't have the password to access Discovery, but since I have purchased videos from them for my classes I will be interested to see what I can access from my computer.

I have created a dropbox - this seems like a fantastic idea for having all of my information readily accessable since I tend to prepare lessons from home, while at the hospital, and at school.

Tool #2 - Building Community in the online Environment

Navigating this tool has been an interesting experience.  I am not sure how I feel about blogging in general - I hope I learn to embrace it.  The Health Science Technology community is very small so I hope to make some contacts this summer at conference so we can share via blogging during the school year instead of trying to share all we know in the 3 days we are together each summer.
I have installed Diigo but I would be lying if I said I really know how to use it right now, but I think it will become apparent to me as time goes on.  I visited many of the Blogs listed in the tool and have chosen 2 that I actually saw on other teachers blogs.  I will be following and