Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool #3 Finding Online Video and Image resources

I have used YouTube to share medical videos with my students for some time , however, I have never imbedded them somewhere for easy access again so I am excited to know how to do this now.  I have a video I purchased from Discovery videos showing the surgical procedure for removing the gallbladder laparoscopically and have showed them when this topic comes up.  This summer I had my gallbladder removed though a single incision and I have found this procedure on YouTube and will share it wih my students.

While looking at School Tube I found videos that are specific to Health Science!!  I didn't know they even existed.  So this could definitely be another option for me.

I don't have the password to access Discovery, but since I have purchased videos from them for my classes I will be interested to see what I can access from my computer.

I have created a dropbox - this seems like a fantastic idea for having all of my information readily accessable since I tend to prepare lessons from home, while at the hospital, and at school.

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