Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool #10 underneath it all - digital citizenship

I think our students need to learn a lot about being good digital citizens. I hear about how many people post everything that happens in their lives on Facebook and twitter only to have it come back on them negatively. Interacting with my students electronically through blogs or other methods does scare me a little because of this. When looking though the list of subjects to go over with them I find it hard to pick out only 3- I think it could be an excellent learning opportunity for them to know about almost all! I have always had my students complete a research project that is done primarily through Internet sources. I have spent a lot of time trying to get them to understand that just because they find it on the web it does not mean its correct or reliable information. I want my students to know how to weed out the cyber junk and learn pertinent information. Another problem with research for my students is the use of sites for the layman - I need them to find the information for healthcare professionals. Lastly I unfortunately have to spend a significant amount of time discussing plagiarism. The information they gather for me is often difficult to interpret so they will copy and paste, not knowing what they are writing about. I do not accept plagiarized information and will call them out on it.

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  1. Linda, I agree with everything you have said whole heartedly. Congratulations on getting this far with the tools!