Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool #8 taking a look at the tools

After viewing the video about the netbooks I was surprised to learn how much they can actually do. I can also see how there are an incredible number of educational resources for the IPad for core courses, but I will have to search for resources to use for my class. There are apps that can be purchased for my curriculum but I think that will have to be done in collaboration with the other HST instructors in the district. As of this post I will not be getting netbooks or IPads for my classroom, as will none of the other CTE teachers - this does not mean that I will not be using technology in my classroom. Hopefully the CTE department will be able to purchase additional technology to meet the needs of our students. I currently have a COW with 24 laptops. I have established rules for usage in my classroom that are very similar to the ones posted. One rule that has not worked in my classroom is not using the power cords. The first class to use the laptops usually has not problem, however depending on the usage for that assignment subsequent classes must use the power cords because there is not enough battery power left.

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  1. You are so lucky to have 24 laptops that you can use in the classroom. I bet all the teachers would love that. But they would also have to keep track of them and keep them updated and in good working order. Thank goodness we have Glen.