Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool #9 incorporating classroom-based devices as tools for learning

Although medicine is a very "hands on" career, much of what is done these days uses technology - from recording information about your oatient to performing complet procedures on patients. Needless to say if I hope to prepare students for a future in medicine I cannot do so without the use of technology. Student accountability is very important in terms of them learning. I have noticed as I have done collaborative work in my classroom there is frequently someone in a grop that rides the coat tails of the other participants. Incorporating accountability for each student will hopefully reduce the free ride for some students. When searching the links provided I again find a limited number of sources for my particular class. Since anatomy and physiology is a large focus of my 1st year class I can use the science links for this. However for a significant part of the 1st year and and most of the 2nd year the focus is on the application of anatomy and healthcare issues. Much of the 2nd year is clinical rotations and the information that goes with it- such as what is done in the radiology department, how do the machines work, what are they seeing, and how is this information applied to the care of the oatient. I know this information can be found through technology, I have to get my students to the sites that are professional personnel focused as opposed to the lay information given through many public sites.

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